These photos were taken from 2007 to 2008 in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and other central Asian countries when I worked as a photojournalist based in Moscow, Russia then.

There are some people in these photos, through who's faces and bodies I could feel some memories reviving in new guises in form of reality. They still live in traces of history, full of contradictions and entanglements. They consume themselves in alcohol and get redemption from religious, like weeds. I feel confusing as them -- Why do these countries develop into such situation?

There are some other people in these photos, who reflect new development and characters of this society. They want to get rid of heavy burden of history, although which is not so easy. They seem to ask -- "Where is our direction?"

There are some landscapes in these photos. Sometimes they struck me when I clicked the shutter button, while sometimes they began to show their secret charm when I read them repeatedly afterwards. They are not "beautiful", some of them are even "failure", but they have their own characters, depicting sections of time and space simple-mindedly.

I hope to show the situation of former Soviet Union district through such kind of mixture of images -- it still has some kind of dark connection with history, even though something seemingly has changed, but the core remains the same. In the mean time, it has developed something fresh from inner to outer. I hope these photos could be declarative sentences and questions, and the answers are within themselves.